Increase Traffic To Your Website - Free Traffic Tips

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Free Website Traffic Tips

This section will provide information on how to bring more traffic to your website. Many of the methods mentioned below are free and will cost you nothing but time.

Just remember that the key to building repeat traffic is to create a website that is useful, unique and full of good content.

Why Won't Google Rank My Site?
A discussion on how to get Google to love your site.

Advertise Your Site on
If you cater to Webmasters or soon-to-be Webmasters, then this is a great place to get noticed. This site receives between 200,000 and 300,000 page views per month and can bring you a lot of traffic.

How to Get Listed in Google, MSN and More
Learn how to list your site with Google and other popular search engines online. Search engine advertising is one of the best ways to bring in free, targeted traffic.

Are You Making Google Mad?
A confidential Google report leaked and shows that the most popular search engine is really cracking down on worthless websites. Is your site on Google's hit list?

Get Listed in Yahoo's Directory & More
Find out how to list your site with Yahoo and other popular Internet directories.

Why I Stopped My Link Exchange Program
Traditional link swaps are dead and ineffective. Find out how to get the most out of a link exchange.

Why I Like Yahoo's Pay Per Click Program
Many webmasters don't want to even think of paying for traffic, but as top search engine rankings get harder to come by, people are now turning to the pay per click model.

Create a Blog to Build Traffic to Your Website
Learn how creating a blog can drive more search engine traffic to your site.

How to Create RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are a great way of letting your audience keep up with the updates on your site. Find out how to setup your own site feeds.

Search Engine Submit SCAMS
Learn about the various search engine submittal scams that lurk around the web. Be careful of these companies because they'll rob you blind. Get back at them by educating yourself on how to effectively submit your website.

Free Link Exchange Program
Exchanging links with relevant sites is becoming the most effective way to increase your traffic. Be sure to read this article!

Using an Email Autoresponder - Free Trial
Learn how to effectively follow up with potential and existing customers. If used properly, you can increase sales dramatically.

Viral Marketing Strategies
Discover ways to get traffic from various viral marketing techniques. Many of them are free!

Free Hits From Traffic Swarm
Learn how to generate free traffic to your site by using this MLM traffic generation program. Traffic Swarm is not ideal for all sites, but may be beneficial for some.
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10 Seo Tips

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It is not hard to be barking up the wrong tree when it comes to getting search engine traffic because there is so much out of date information being circulated.
Not only is there out of date or invalid SEO advice getting around, there is also information which if acted upon, can result in your pages being banned.
The SEO tips below should assist the reader in forming a basic understanding of how to create human friendly web pages which are easily understood by the most popular search engines.
Know this. There are thousands of search engines but only two of them will bring you most of the traffic. They are google and yahoo. Another search engine that brings me a little traffic is msn but I do not focus too much on tactics for that engine.
Focus your attention on the engines that will bring you the most visitors first and work your way down.

Basic SEO

1. Insert keywords within the title tag so that search engine robots will know what your page is about. The title tag is located right at the top of your document within the head tags. Inserting a keyword or key phrase will greatly improve your chances of bringing targeted traffic to your site.
Make sure that the title tag contains text which a human can relate to. The text within the title tag is what shows up in a search result. Treat it like a headline.

2. Use the same keywords as anchor text to link to the page from different pages on your site. This is especially useful if your site contains many pages. The more keywords that link to a specific page the better.

3. Make sure that the text within the title tag is also within the body of the page. It is unwise to have keywords in the title tag which are not contained within the body of the page.
Adding the exact same text for your h1 tag will tell the reader who clicks on your page from a search engine result that they have clicked on the correct link and have arrived at the page where they intended to visit. Robots like this too because now there is a relation between the title of your page and the headline.

Also, sprinkle your keywords throughout your article. The most important keywords can be bolded or colored in red. A good place to do this is once or twice in the body at the top of your article and in the sub-headings.

4. Do not use the exact same title tag on every page on your website. Search engine robots might determine that all your pages are the same if all your title tags are the same. If this happens, your pages might not get indexed.
I always use the headline of my pages as the title tag to help the robots know exactly what my page is about. A good place to insert the headline is within the h1 tag. So the headline is the same as the title tag text.

5. Do not spam the description or keyword meta tag by stuffing meaningless keywords or even spend too much time on this tag. SEO pros all agree that these tags are not as important today as they once were. I just place my headline once within the keywords and description tags.
6. Do not link to link-farms or other search engine unfriendly neighborhoods. A good rule of thumb is if your pages do not contain any words that reflect the content of the site you are linking to, do not link to it.

7. Do not use doorway pages. Doorway pages are designed for robots only, not humans. Search engines like to index human friendly pages which contain content which is relevant to the search.
8. Title tags for text links. Insert the title tag within the HTML of your text link to add weight to the link and the page where the link resides. This is like the alt tag for images.
My site contains navigation menus on the left and right of the page. The menu consists of links not images. The links are keywords. When you hover over the link with your mouse, the title of the link appears. View the source of this page to see how to add this tag to your links.

9. Describe your images with the use of the alt tag. This will help search engines that index images to find your pages and will also help readers who use text only web browsers.

10. Submit to the search engines yourself. Do not use a submission service or submission software. Doing so could get your site penalized or even banned.

Here is the submission page for google:
Submit only once. There is no need to submit every two weeks. There is no need to submit more that one page. Robots follow links. If your site has a nice link trail, your entire site will get indexed.

My site has a nice human friendly link trail which robots follow easily. All my pages get indexed without ever submitting more than the main index page once.

Website analysis

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Website analysis is an important part of search engine optimization to insure that both human visitors and search engine robots may move freely throughout your website.

At SEO Services, we analyze your website and provide a Website Analysis Report. A basic part of this report is the Website Analysis Checklist which notes if different elements are found on your website.

Free Web Directories - Free Directory Submissions

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Submit to the sites on our free directory list. These are established sites that have actively adding free submissions. If you site is in one of the niches that we cover, submit your site. Listings from sites in your own niche are extremely valuable in improving your search engine rankings.

Free Firectory list

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1st March
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- Pay For Inclusion -

A Back Link PR2 $3.49
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Travel - Pay

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Free Link Exchange

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Get very good traffic to your website with improved rankings in all major search engines using Free Link Exchange Service. Get valuable and quality traffic + link partners to your website INSTANTLY and DAILY MORE with link exchange! Almost all major search engines rank your web pages based on the number and the quality of links that point to your web site (link popularity). Genuine & Quickest way to receive quality backlinks is to convience high quality website by offering them something helpful and free in exchange of credit link to your website. This is what we do to gain credit links for our DIRECTORY MEMBERS. We quickly find high quality web sites, offer them free tools or helpful resources for their website and convince them to link to our Directory Members. We offer valueable SEARCH ENGINE TOOLS, Free PAGERANKTM Tools, Link Exchange Software (which is helpful resource for them) in exchange of a credit link to our member websites. JOIN the link exchange Program to improve your rankings and get valuable traffic to your website.
Asking for Link Exchange (only for pagerank improvement) is INGENUINE PRACTICE and isn't recognized by any search engines. The only Genuine way for receiving backlinks is to offer something helpful to other websites and convince them to give you a credit link. At we approach genuine way only. We ask for credit linkback for helpful tools or resources used by webmasters. We already have build thousands of members using our services.

Open Project Directory

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Once your site has been accepted into the Open Directory, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for your site to be listed on partner sites which use the Open Directory data, such as AOL Search, AltaVista, HotBot, Google, Lycos, Netscape Search, etc. We make updates of the data available weekly, but each partner has their own update schedule.

Open Directory is a good place to start searches, since you can continue the search on many different search engines without having to retype anything.

If you are using the Open Directory Search as part of a meta-search or aggregate search you may wish to disable some of the Open Directory's fall back search features. These features are:

By default the Open Directory's first search attempt is always an "AND" search, by inserting an implicit "AND" operator between all search terms. This can be over ridden by inserting a different boolean operator either "OR" or "ANDNOT". Logical operators inside a quoted search term are ignored. Quoted strings are treated as a single search term.
If there are no matches for the first "AND" search, the Open Directory search attempts the search again, but with "OR" as the default search term. This is noted on the search results page. To turn off the fall back search option pass the search CGI the added GET argument "&fb=0"
If both the "AND" and "OR" search fail, then the the search will attempt the query on the Netscape Search (powered by Excite). To disable this fail over search, pass the search CGI the added GET argument

Search Open Directory

Xml Sitemap

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Google introduced Google Sitemaps so web developers can publish lists of links from across their sites. The basic premise is that some sites have a large number of dynamic pages that are only available through the use of forms and user entries. The sitemap files can then be used to indicate to a web crawler how such pages can be found.Google, MSN and Yahoo now jointly support the Sitemaps protocol.

For an example, is a forum using dynamic pages. Google would only return less than 100 result without using sitemap. Once sitemap is provided, there are more than one millions pages result. Since MSN, Yahoo, and Google use the same protocol now, having a sitemap would let the three biggest search engines have the updated pages information